The Little Things

Maybe you never realize it..

That’s you make me go crazy..

So many words that you noticed..

In your silent..

Baby the little things you do..

It’s meant to me..

This is so romantic..

You are perfect to me..



Black And White Dark Lane Field Fog Gloomy Tree

In this cruel word..

I look for you to find fresh air..

When you are in pain but there is a smile on your face..

You deserve to be happy such as you make me happy..

Hope you always feel loved by me..


In the beautiful day..

God send you to me..

To be my spirit and my reason..

My heart break when you are hurt..

My heart sick when you cry..


In this world let’s be happy..

Let’s be grateful for everything..

Let’s keep going..

I will hold your hand when you are down..

I will hug you when you are lonely..

Let’s be together..

Baby there are beautiful days waiting for us..




Sweet Sunset at Indrayanti Beach

..Look.. the sunset welcome us in the sweet west..


I went to Indrayanti beach a long-long time ago and I still remember the beautiful sunset and I wanna share with you guys. I visited there with my friends.We just 4 girls with many things in our mind. You know that the last semester in university was so hard for us and we was going to refresh our mind. Finally,, just one step again to our graduation.. this trip was good idea before we take the last exam.

Indrayanti beach is located in Yogyakarta especially Gunung Kidul. This is a beach which little famous in Yogyakarta. Parangtritis beach is more famous than Indrayanti beach so almost tourist often visit Parangtritis beach.  In this occasion I want to tell you that in Yogyakarta there are so many beautiful beach and one of them is Indrayanti beach.

You can also find the beautiful landmark in Yogyakarta such as Malioboro, Prambanan, and many more. I went to Indrayanti beach by motorcycle. Indrayanti beach is one of tourist attraction in Yogyakarta which so cheap. You just need to pay the parking area. Rp. 2.000. In there you can find the blue sea with the fresh air. You can enjoy the wind and the wave of the sea. You also can find sea shell at the edge of the sea. Anyone who love beach will so happy to come to this beach, I guess.

In there also have so many food which pretty delicious. You can try and eat them. The best thing is the coconut fruit. I recommend you to drink coconut fruit. It will make you so happy when you see beautiful beach.

Thanks for reading my story.. If you have chance to come to Indonesia.. Please visit Yogyakarta. We will welcome you with our warm heart and beautiful places which you never see before.

Thanks for Reading my post.. Have a nice day.. ^^



Kyuri Soup

..I admit it, The best ingredients when cooking is love..

Love make it beautiful and everything looks beautiful even just a stone look beautiful. I love cook and I always feel happy when cooking. It’s most beautiful when I cook for someone who I love.. such as magic, my cook will delicious and the taste and smell so nice because I put love as flavor. Cook for your lover and you will admit that you love him so much.. and get so many appreciation from him..

In our dorm, I often cook soup and they called me specialist soup. My friends often tell me that when I cook for oppa, the smell always so aromatic. This soup is Indonesian traditional food and the ingredients was so easy to find. You can find in the supermarket. I recommend you to try this cook..

The Ingredients of gravy

  • Garlic (3)
  • Salt
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • White paper
  • Royco

The ingredients of Soup

  • Cabbage
  • Carrot
  • Green Onion
  • Potato
  • Meat ball/Macaroni/chiken wings
  • Tomato
  • Celery
  • Shallot (for fried Shallot)


  • First, stew the water until boiled. Add salt and mashed gralic and wait  3 minutes. After that put pieces of carrot, meat ball and potatoes. About 8 minutes.
  • Add the cabbage and sugar and black paper to the boil. After that add the tomato and green onion. Add the royco and wait until the food cooked. After that put the fired shallot and celery.

Readers, Do you like Indonesian food.. What is your favorite Food..? Where is it come from..?

 Thanks for reading.. hope you have a wonderful day and happy cooking.. ^^