Spring at Korean Culture Center Indonesia


Good Night Guys..

I am back with beautiful story in spring. I find spring in Korean Culture Center Indonesia. That was so interesting. ^^. so many people said that when spring come, there are so many beautiful flowers specially cherry blossom. ^^ So many flowers are blooming in Korea. I really like it.

I came to Korean Culture Center 0n 29 March 2018. there was an event called Bum Bum Bumi Wassoyo that’s mean “Spring is coming”. The event started at 06:15 PM on a multifanction hall at Equity Tower, 17 Floor. The Event started with explanation  about Spring in Korea, how Korean people celebrate spring and where they often spend spring with friends, lovers, family and co-worker. There were so much fun to know about it yesterday. Korean people like to have picnic on spring season and see cherry blossom and there are some cherry blossom festival in Korea. Cherry blossom in Korean language is beotgeot.

After we know about spring in Korean, we play a game. who can answered correctly he/she will get a gift from KCC and I was so lucky because I get that gift. ^^. pretty cute for a key chain. there also a game to arrange an castle in Korea which be landmark for tourism in Korea.

this event end at 08:00 Pm. We took so many picture at there and there are some pictures from that event.

Good night guys.. ^^. see you on another post.









White Sand


Hi guys.

How was your day ?. Today I opened my old photos. My photos when I visited Ancol beach. I guess, the beach is not beautiful but there are lot of people gathered and make fun. They enjoyed their time and laugh together. I saw them come with their family for family vocation. I came to Ancol when I gathered with my friends. It has been a years and I didn’t meet them but finally on 3 February I met them and we spend our time together. in Ancol there is not just a beach but there is also amusement park and there are several store which sell clothes, hat, glasses and food. unfotunately when I came to Ancol I just visited beach and didn’t went to Dufan (the big amusement park in Jakarta). The best thing that I found in Ancol beach was sunset. If you ask me to recommend you a beautiful beach, I will suggest you to visit Jogja, Lombok or Bali. If you ask me the truth, Ancol beach is not beautiful. If you come to Indonesia and want to go to the Beach, you have to visit Jogja, Lombok and Bali, those city have beautiful beach. ^^

I took some pictures of Ancol beach. Here they are.

Good night guys..





15 March 2018

It’s afternoon. Good afternoon for you guys.

Today the sun smile so brightly in Indonesia. It has been a long time I didn’t write an article. now I am gonna to show you a landmark in Jakarta. Btw now I am not in Jogja anymore but I already moved in Jakarta since January.

This is a landmark which quite popular in Jakarta. You can call this place Kota Tua / the old city. I cam here by bus way and there were so many people visited Kota Tua. They come with their family, friends, lovers and even They come alone such as me. hahaha.. When I came to this place there are some tourist from around the world. I saw tourist from Japan. In Kota Tua there are several museums such as national museum of Jakarta which tell about story of Jakarta. If you like cycling this place is the best for you because you can borrow bicycle at Kota Tua. You also can find several cafe in here. This is some picture that I took from there.


Good afternoon.

See you in the next post. Have a wonderful day. ^^



Black And White Dark Lane Field Fog Gloomy Tree

In this cruel word..

I look for you to find fresh air..

When you are in pain but there is a smile on your face..

You deserve to be happy such as you make me happy..

Hope you always feel loved by me..


In the beautiful day..

God send you to me..

To be my spirit and my reason..

My heart break when you are hurt..

My heart sick when you cry..


In this world let’s be happy..

Let’s be grateful for everything..

Let’s keep going..

I will hold your hand when you are down..

I will hug you when you are lonely..

Let’s be together..

Baby there are beautiful days waiting for us..




Sweet Sunset at Indrayanti Beach

..Look.. the sunset welcome us in the sweet west..


I went to Indrayanti beach a long-long time ago and I still remember the beautiful sunset and I wanna share with you guys. I visited there with my friends.We just 4 girls with many things in our mind. You know that the last semester in university was so hard for us and we was going to refresh our mind. Finally,, just one step again to our graduation.. this trip was good idea before we take the last exam.

Indrayanti beach is located in Yogyakarta especially Gunung Kidul. This is a beach which little famous in Yogyakarta. Parangtritis beach is more famous than Indrayanti beach so almost tourist often visit Parangtritis beach.  In this occasion I want to tell you that in Yogyakarta there are so many beautiful beach and one of them is Indrayanti beach.

You can also find the beautiful landmark in Yogyakarta such as Malioboro, Prambanan, and many more. I went to Indrayanti beach by motorcycle. Indrayanti beach is one of tourist attraction in Yogyakarta which so cheap. You just need to pay the parking area. Rp. 2.000. In there you can find the blue sea with the fresh air. You can enjoy the wind and the wave of the sea. You also can find sea shell at the edge of the sea. Anyone who love beach will so happy to come to this beach, I guess.

In there also have so many food which pretty delicious. You can try and eat them. The best thing is the coconut fruit. I recommend you to drink coconut fruit. It will make you so happy when you see beautiful beach.

Thanks for reading my story.. If you have chance to come to Indonesia.. Please visit Yogyakarta. We will welcome you with our warm heart and beautiful places which you never see before.

Thanks for Reading my post.. Have a nice day.. ^^